About me

 Rogeria Pereira, Realtor | Your Trusted Source For Your Real Estate Needs.

     As a real estate agent, my goal is to provide the best service possible to my clients. Over the years, I have combined my expertise in real estate with my knowledge of Union County to aid my clients in finding the best property in terms of their price range, taxes, schooling, access to transportation, access to entertainment and more. My ultimate goal when guiding my clients through the home-buying or selling process is that they are satisfied and happy at the end of their journey, regardless of whether or not there were obstacles along the way.

      As a modern and experienced agent, I have adapted and learned new tools that will assist me and my clients throughout our relationship. Over the years, I have created well-established relationships with other professionals including mortgage representatives, home inspectors, lenders, attorneys, appraisers, and contractors; all of whom share the same goals as I do, which is to support and guide our clients until their goals have been achieved. Being initiated into the Executive Club, 100% Club and Platinum Club has also inspired me to work harder and continue my education in the real estate business, helping RE/MAX continue to be the worldwide real estate leader.

“Your real estate needs and goals are my mission”.

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