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           Selling your home can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you’re doing it all alone. However, working with an agent can prevent you from dealing with all of the stress and decisions needed to be made by yourself. With my clients, I like to explain to them that with every journey there is a process and a strategy to get through that process. When selling your home, it is imperative that there is a strategy in place so that not only will your expectations be met but so that the selling process runs as smoothly as possible.

            There are two crucial factors that are necessary in order to be successful when selling your home. One factor is price or the evaluation of your property in the current local market. When selling your home, it is only expected that you want to sell your property for the value you believe your property is worth. However, it is important that a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is initiated so that your property is valued properly. At the end of the day, my goal as an agent is to try to sell my clients’ homes for as much as we can.

  Another factor that is important in having a successful selling process is exposure, exposure, exposure! With my clients, I try to advertise their home as much as possible and in as many ways possible. One way of exposing my clients’ homes is by taking professional photos and uploading them onto multiple listing websites and creating a  walkthrough video. Taking professional pictures is extremely important because it allows potential buyers to get an idea of what the property looks like both inside and outside through social media, attracting them to physically take a tour of the property. Good marketing might not sell your house but it will make the phone ring and if buyers don’t call, you won’t sell.

   Advertising on listing websites such as Garden State Multiple Listing System allows other realtors to view the characteristics of your home and potentially match them to the needs and wants of their own clients. Aside from multiple listing websites, I also take advantage of exposing my listings on social media such as Facebook and Instagram as well as using e-mail marketing and mailing postcards to various areas throughout the county. Last but not least, Open Houses are a must when selling your home! Having an Open House is a great tool in exposing your home, allowing potential buyers to tour the home thoroughly as well as ask the listing agent any questions they may have. As a realtor, I make sure to implement all of these tools when selling a client’s home so that their journey is easy and successful!

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