How to Make Your Home Stand Out!

1. Make the front of your home a “sight to see”. Plant a few pots of flowers in front of your entryway to grab a passerby’s attention.
2. Repair the walls of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps you’re interested in
using warm colors such as reds or browns or maybe more vibrant colors such as yellow
or blue.
3. Soak up some time with nature by planting some sunflowers in your garden or giving
your lawn a fresh cut. After all, they say that a “garden is a friend you can visit any time”.
4. Spice up the heart of the home…your kitchen! There’s no other room in the house that
says “Welcome” like your very own kitchen. You may want to replace your old door
handles to give your cabinets a new look or perhaps brighten up the room with some new light fixtures.
5. Give your bathrooms a mini makeover by replacing old faucets, adding a rug, getting a
new shower curtain, etc. Make your bathroom a place where you can relax and

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